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Payroll Processing

  • "MARKS" Payroll Processing offers flexibility, customization and responsiveness to your payroll needs. You will have options for processing available on line, via fax, email, or telephone. We administer all functions of payroll in accordance with State, and Central Law.
  • "MARKS" also handles the liability for your payroll tax deposits and filings. You'll never wonder if your company is following all the latest tax regulations - because we'll have you covered. Aside from ongoing paperwork headaches, 37% of small businesses incur penalties due to incorrect or late payroll tax filings. Contracting with MARKS greatly reduces your accounting costs.
  • MARKS. Will:
  • 1. Process and issue payroll checks.
  • 2. Produce easy-to-read management reports and summaries.
  • 3. Calculate and deposit all, state, and Central payroll taxes.
  • 4. Prepare and file all state and Central quarterly and annual reconciliation returns.
  • 5. Prepare and distribute Forms 16.
  • 6. Maintain all records and handle all government agency correspondence.
  • 7. Comply with all New Hire Reporting Regulations.
  • 8. Administer all statutory and Payments.
  • Market Research

    Conduct a feasibility study and commercial viability of your projects.

  • A target market is the group or groups of people you will be promoting, advertising, and ultimately selling your product to. To find your market, MARKS should begin by answering some simple questions to the public.
  • The marketing manager and MARKS define the problem carefully and agree on research objectives.
  • The MARKS help the manager to define the problem and suggest ways that research can help manager to take better decision.
  • Take the data have collected and analyze it to figure out the specific groups within the market. MARKS are going to actively pursue as clients and customers.
  • Develop a plan for gathering information efficiently.
  • Present the plan to Client (marketing management).
  • The Marketing manager research the cost of research plan before approving it.
  • Once figure out your target market, make an effort to reach out to this group and find out what they think about Client product. This is the heart of market research, and there are many ways to do it.
  • Qualitative research is more exploratory and anecdotal. It is a good way to find out the kinds of feelings and needs people have about your product or service, but it is not statistically representative. Methods include focus groups and in-depth interviews. You could go to a skate park and ask skaters what they think of the logo and newspaper ad you have designed for your skateboard store.
  • Quantitative research gets you solid statistics you can base your financial plans on. Surveys can be conducted by phone, in person, by mail, or on-line. The key to getting good research is to get a truly representative, random sample of your target market. For example, you wouldn't try to survey rich people by hanging out at the check cashing store.
  • After doing the research, the findings have to be analysed and interpreted. The findings can be interpreted in charts and tables.
  • Lastly, the marketing manager has to present the findings well and give his decisions after the research. This is a very important step as it is taken into consideration for future decisions. This is known as product testing.
  • Product testing can be done once you have a product and want to try it out on people. For example, give people samples of cookies made with two recipes you are considering. Let them take home your new broom and dustpan to see if it works on the kind of floor they have.

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